Frequently Asked Questions


Yes. The Pelargonium will not affect diabetes but there are some products that should not be used by diabetics, especially the ones containing sugar (Cough Syrup and Linctagon® Syrup). Sugar free products available are: Linctagon® Effervescent Tablets, Linctagon® Capsules, and Linctagon® Sugar & Alcohol Free Syrup.

This product has not been studied in these populations. Please consult a medical professional before use.

Yes. The formula used to make Linctagon® contains various antioxidants that promote good health.

Allergies and hay fever. Athletes can also use Linctagon® on a daily basis to boost their immune system as excessive exercise suppresses the immune system. Linctagon® can also be used for the treatment and prevention of colds and flu.

ACC200 as a mucolytic agent. Paracetamol or Ibuprofen are safe to use in conjunction with Linctagon®, if required.

Yes. It is an immune modulator and not an immune stimulant.

Immune modulation means it only works on your immune system when required. Immune stimulation refers to inducing activation or increasing the activity of any of its components.